"Perfection is NOT an Accident"

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Eagle Electric of the Philippines had its humble beginnings in 1967 as a licensee of Eagle Electric Manufacturing Co., Inc. of New York. It has since grown to be a self-reliant, trusted manufacturer of top quality electrical wiring devices in the Philippines. Its more than 200 employee network tasks itself to deliver to the consumer public a wide array of electrical wiring devices that surpass the related standards set forth by the Bureau of Product Standards. How often do we hear of fires caused by faulty electrical wiring devices? That will never be a concern with users of "Eagle" products. With only listed quality materials going into each "Eagle" product, confidence of safety is assured at all times. With the dedicated effort of its Tool & Die division that uses the latest CAD/CAM system, Eagle continues to uphold the trusted quality its products have gained throughout the years.

CAD/CAM Specialization

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